Baltic Sea Tourism Center

Das Baltic Sea Tourism Center (BSTC) verfolgt das Ziel, operationelle Strukturen für eine verbesserte Kommunikation und Kooperation im Ostseeraum zu entwickeln. Das BSTC soll dabei als Schnittstelle die touristischen Schlüsselakteure in einer festen Struktur vereinen und die Entwicklung einer nachhaltigen, verantwortungsvollen und langfristigen Kooperationsplattform für den Tourismus im Ostseeraum fördern.

Project summary

– applied in the 2nd call of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014 – 2020 –

Tourism, especially sustainable, maritime and international, is identified as an important factor for blue and green growth in the EU, however facing common challenges like seasonality. Moreover, the EUSBSR Action Plan states that tourism in the region is non-cooperative, especially due to “an asymmetric readiness to cooperate at transnational level“. Strategic and political structures have been created with the EUSBSR PA Tourism and the Steering-Committee of national tourism ministries. However, a gap of operational services has to be closed ensuring the involvement of tourism organisations and businesses to realise the green and blue growth potential and to make the destination globally competitive.

The aim of the project is the establishment of an improved cross-border tourism communication and cooperation facilitated by a permanent service unit – the Baltic Sea Tourism Center. It associates key tourism stakeholders and promotes sustainable and international tourism in and beyond the SBR as an intermediate on operational level. In the project a committed and experienced group of partners will (1) set-up operational structures for sustainable tourism communication and cooperation at transnational level (BSTC service unit); (2) investigate, develop and implement sustainable ACTIVE TOURISM products in the green and blue tourism market around cultural and natural heritage assets to extend the tourist season and (3) launch a smart international destination campaign in selected source markets to increase the number of international visitors to the SBR. The selected pilot services (ACTIVE TOURISM products and destination campaign) shall produce best-practices to demonstrate the capabilities of the BSTC service unit for future partners/members. As a flagship project, the BSTC directly implements the EUSBSR action plan and will have a considerable impact on sustainable and international tourism development in the region.

Project title: BSTC: Baltic Sea Tourism Center – Sustainable development structures for ACTIVE TOURISM

Project duration
01.01.2017 – 31.12.2019

Project total eligible budget
1.502.935,50 EUR

Lead Partner: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board
Project Partner: Pomorskie Tourist Board, Danish Tourism Innovation – Visit East Denmark, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Association „Klaipeda region“



Johannes Volkmar (Head of Baltic Sea Cooperation)
ph +49 (0)381 40 30 663 | mail

Anne Vollerthum (Project manager – administration)
ph +49 (0)381 4030 653 | mail

Mareike Demann (Project manager – marketing)
ph +49 (0)381 4030 656 | mail



21.02.2017: Kick-off meeting, Rostock



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