Baltic Sea Food

Die Projektidee ‚Baltic Sea Food‘ ist aus einem Seed-Money Projekt, finanziert durch den Ostseerat (Council of the Baltic Sea States) mit dem Namen Baltic Sea Coulinary Routes, entstanden. Organisationen aus allen Ostseeanrainern arbeiten gemeinsam an Themen zur Entwicklung des ländlichen Raumes. Der Projektantrag ‚Baltic Sea Food‘ soll u.a. die Zusammenarbeit in den kommenden Jahren festigen und gemeinsam erarbeitete Entwicklungsfelder fördern. In Kooperation mit dem Verein Landurlaub engagiert sich der TMV als aktiver Projektpartner in diesem Projekt.

Project summary Baltic Sea Food (applying for the Baltic Sea Region Programme)

In many regions farmers and small producers have established local food networks to cooperate for marketing and information exchange. Local food nets in all BSR region have highlighted the need for cost-efficient distribution solutions to deliver food products from farms to local restaurant kitchens/shops/industries. The objective of the current project is to create a sustainable B2B distribution model applicable for local food nets established by micro-businesses and SMEs in the BSR area. It enables to establish smooth short supply chains on local level by offering opportunities for growth and improved business performances to SME’s in rural areas. The main result is improved capacity of national and regional organizations acting as project partners to support local food nets in business model development and process innovation. It will be achieved through development of B2B distribution model for local food sector supported by a relevant e-platform. The model will be implemented in 10-15 pilot regios in whole BSR area.

Lead partner: Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs

Partners from: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, (Poland- tbc).


Contact: Raili Mengel, CEO, Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation

ph +372 600  9999

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